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Strategic Plan

In May of 2021 extensive engagements were conducted to inform the CKOHT Strategic Plan with: internal and external partners from those working in the health, social, community, home care, education, and government sectors as well as residents, caregivers, patients and their families.  There were a total of:

  • 15 focus groups with 91 internal partner participants
  • 4 broad community engagement sessions with 73 participants
  • 1762 surveys completed by members of the public (in English and French)
  • 349 people participated in online priority-setting platform called “Thought Exchange” in which 540 thoughts about local health care priorities were identified and rated 8,618 times

CKOHT launched its inaugural Strategic Plan establishes the goals and objectives for the CKOHT for the 2021-2024 period. The plan consists of five strategic goals in the areas of population health, health equity, CKOHT maturity, community, and performance. The plan will enable us to meet our vision in achieving the best health and well-being together.

Population Health for Website
Health Equity Website
CKOHT Maturity for website
Community for website
Performance for website

CKOHT is supported by funding from the Government of Ontario.

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