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What are Ontario Health Teams?

Ontario Health Teams are groups of local health care providers who are working together to provide coordinated care for patients within their community. All OHT partners are committed to a shared vision that ensures patients receive high quality care and can easily navigate the health care system. 

Each Ontario Health Team sets its own governance and accountability structure, and distributes funding received from the Ministry of Health based on the needs of partner agencies, patients and the communities served.

Who are the members of an Ontario Health Team?

An Ontario Health Team is made up of health care providers from several sectors, including, but not limited to:

  • family doctors and nurse practitioners
  • other primary care including family health teams and community health centres
  • hospitals
  • home and community care
  • long-term care
  • mental health and addictions services
  • health promotion and disease prevention services
  • rehabilitation and complex care
  • palliative care (including hospice)
  • emergency health services (including ambulance/paramedicine services)

When will Ontario Health Teams be announced?

The first wave of Ontario Health Team candidates will be identified in the fall of 2019.

Will patients have to sign-up to receive care from an Ontario Health Team?

No. Patients will continue to receive care from the providers they are familiar with, whether or not those agencies are part of an Ontario Health Team. The goal of OHTs is to create greater access to coordinated care, rather than additional processes for patients.

What will be different for patients with the creation of Ontario Health Teams?

As Ontario Health Teams roll-out across the province over the next several years, patients will be able to more easily access and navigate the system and be better supported as they transition from one health care provider or setting to another. Ontario Health Teams will have flexibility to redesign how they deliver care to meet the needs of their patients in the most effective way.

Additionally, Ontario Health Teams are required to have a confirmed commitment to put in place 24/7 coordination of care and system navigation services for targeted patients.

Will Ontario Health Teams focus on digital tools and electronic medical records?

Ontario Health Teams will have the ability to provide patients with digital choices such as virtual care (via telephone, video, email, etc.) and timely digital access to health records. The goal is for all members of a patient’s health care team to share the same information through the same system so patients only have to tell their stories once.